The Art Industry Boom in Dubai

After establishing itself as a regional trade, tourism, and retail center, the emirate has yet discovered another blossoming industry in its wake – art. CNN (2017) had claimed that UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are investing heavily in the art industry. According to Arabian Business (2017), the Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) forecasts UAE’s design industry will be worth $36 billion by 2019, up from $27 billion in 2014.

At Art Dubai’s 11th fair this March, it experienced the most sales to date. Glenn Scott Wright, co-director of Victoria Miro gallery, stated that they had sold most of their art sold out within hours of the opening. Artwork Dubai was one of the popular artworks showcased in Art Dubai. Prices of the artworks were priced up till the US $800,000. Around 28,000 visitors were at the fair this year, including 1000 students.

With the art industry booming, it can also mean job opportunities such as being an art consultant or a hotel art consultant are being sought after. Not only will the artists be encouraged to create more artwork, art consultancy Dubai will also be in demand.
Middle Eastern Art sale which was held in Dubai had generated more than US $8 million this year. Because of this young developing industry, Dubai has set aside 500,000 square feet for art galleries, exhibitions and creative businesses.

One of the organizations responsible for promoting Emirate towards becoming a leading global destination for arts is the Art Dubai Group.

They have produced successful internationally recognized annual art events and festivals such as Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai, Downtown Design, Art Week and Dubai Design Week. They also run the most extensive non-commercial programme of any art related fair globally by education and commissioning local artists. They continue to be a major key player in the growth of Dubai’s art industry.