Proper Nutrition for Long Bike Rides

Getting the right balance of nutrition and training are one of the key prerequisites to follow whether you’ll be participating in a long road biking event, or simply to push yourself to the distance. Obtaining a proper nutritional plan is a straightforward process that can help you get healthier, faster and stronger.

The first step of starting the right nutrition plan is to eat the correct number of calories. A great way to estimate the total calories needed is to multiply 40 to 50 calories by the distance traveled in miles. Next, carbohydrate is the body’s main energy fuel that is stored in the muscle. Additional carbohydrates will be transformed into fat. Knowing your weekly requirement for the number of carbohydrates needed to be consumed depends on the riding distance and other regular lifestyle needs. Eating foods such as fruits, vegetables, slow-release whole grain carbohydrates are beneficial and packed with nutrients.

Other than consuming carbohydrates, let’s not forget about protein. Having a decent amount of protein into your system strengthens your immune system and speeds up muscle recovery. Have fish or beans with lean meats during your meals. It is advised to reduce consumption of red meats or processed foods.

Once you’ve had finished a long event, now it’s time to recover the calories lost during a ride.  Consuming meals or drink rich in carbohydrates will speed up the rate of energy recovery. Getting enough water and rest is important after a long bike ride is a must for all cyclists to prepare for the next long ride. However, low-quality bikes may impact your performance as well even when nutrition is balanced. Consider visiting road bike websites such as or going to your local professional road bike store to get fitted for a more comfortable one.