Buying vs Adopting a Pet

The decision to acquire a new pet is always a challenge. Future pet owners have the choice between buying or adopting a new furry friend. Both options would require them to dedicate time and effort into integrating their new pet into the family and lifestyle. From signs stating puppy for sale Singapore has a majority of people preferring their pets bought from pet stores. A breed that has become a common favorite is such as a poodle Singapore pet stores sell. Another option would be to adopt pets from organizations such as Adopt a dog Singapore whereby pictures and information about pooches can be found online to assist future owners in selecting the pet they wish to adopt.

There are some benefits that come from both options of acquiring a new pet. Buying would allow owners more flexibility in terms of choosing from renounced dog breeds whereas adopting pets would serve as a social initiative. Future owners may choose to buy pets from breeders instead of pet stores. Among the many reasonings behind this is buying a purebred dog lowers the risk of them being previously or currently infected with diseases. As most adopted pets have once been strays before joining the animal shelter, this almost guarantees that they have been exposed to parasites or harmful diseases such as rabies or distemper.

However, adopting helps put an end to pet overpopulation. Pet overpopulation is more often than not caused by animals that are not neutered and reproduce excessively. A population of strays is the result of such occurrences. As a result, many of these pets face the problem of decreasing available space in the animal shelter. Adopting a pet could give it a second chance at life with a loving family. Furthermore, adopting gives owners a higher flexibility on the age of the pet they would like. Although puppies and kittens may be adorable, they are known to be a handful. Hence, owners that wish to own pets can choose the age of the pet when adopting.